What's Apple Really Up to With Its Surprise iPhone 5 Domain Land Grab?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple may well stick with a just "iPhone" naming scheme after it confusingly ditching numbers for the "new iPad", but it looks like Cupertino's desperate to get its mitts on iPhone 5-related domains all the same. Normally Apple's just not that bothered about this kind of thing, so it makes us wonder: does that mean we're going to see the iPhone 5 sooner rather than later, and will it be the revolutionary redesign that we've been hoping for?

When it came to the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple didn't exactly hurry in making its domain land grab -- it wasn't until nearly a year after the launch of the iPhone 4 that Apple made any motions that way. So it sure seems strange that Cook and co are being so proactive this time round.

Maybe given the buzz that the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC's latest One series Android phone line have been basking in, perhaps Apple's feeling the pressure? Honestly, who knows what's going on in the collective heads over at Apple, given its culture of secrecy we're left grasping desperately at straws like this to trying figure it all out. [Fusible via MacRumors]