Why Waste an Entire Plate on a Single Slice of Pizza?

By Kif Leswing on at

Although part of the beauty of a slice of pizza is that eating it requires neither silverware, nor plates, there are still plenty of people who wouldn't think of eating a meal without the proper tableware. They should consider serving their slices on three-sided Pizza Plates that—surprise—are divided into slice-shaped wedges

£25 will earn you a set of four stoneware wedges, which disappointingly do not add up to a full circle. So if you've ordered a whole pie you're going to have a two-slice wedge that gets left behind. But it's easy to look past that oversight when your triangular slice no longer languishes on a circular plate that wasn't clearly made for pizza. We are lucky enough to live in a time of abundant pizza platter innovation. [Uncommon Goods via LaughingSquid]