Wii U Controller Updated With Analogue Sticks, Still Resembles a Bizarre Hybrid of Everything

By Gary Cutlack on at

What on earth is this, Nintendo? Am I supposed to stand on it? Sit on it? Play badminton with it or ride it down a hill like a go-kart? It's the latest image showing a redesigned Wii U controller, hinting rather clearly that Nintendo's going to lose a whole lot more money over the next few years thanks to this abomination.

The above photo was rather ill-advisedly placed on Twitter by a developer working for UK-based team Traveller's Tales, who was a bit too excited to see new Nintendo hardware arriving in the office. The key change here over what we've seen before is the addition of the two analogue sticks in the top left and right corners of Nintendo's digital hostess trolley, which replace the weird old flat control sticks early versions of the controller featured.

The redesign doesn't help make the Wii U appear any more user-friendly. Surely in releasing the most complex, bewildering, dog's dinner of a controller the world has yet seen, Nintendo's going to instantly dump all those casual gamers it's worked so hard to win in? [Gizmodo Australia]