Windows Phones Without Version 7.5 Won't be able to Download Apps From Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is making some changes to its Windows Phone marketplace today, which will see the service rendered unusable to anyone who's not yet upgraded their Widows Phone to version 7.5 of the mobile OS.

The changes will affect the mobile app store as well as the desktop site, with those on older builds of the OS locked out from purchasing apps, updating their existing ones or even browsing the Marketplace and leaving user feedback. So if you're been delaying your 7.5 update, this is Microsoft's way of hurrying you along.

It'll take a day or two for the changes to filter through and hit everyone, which is more than enough time to update your WP device to the 7.5 version using Microsoft's own guides and files. [Windows Team Blog via Phones Review]