Wolfenstein 3D Is 20 Years Old and Still Kicking Arse In This Browser Game

By Jon Partridge on at

20 years ago, the brainiacs at id Software came up with a genius game that was one of the first forays into the genre known today as the first-person shooter. And since then, gaming has never been quite the same. To celebrate the momentous occasion, current id Software publisher Bethesda has made Wolfenstein 3D available freely to play in the comfort of your browser.

While kids these days might be yelling and swearing at each other over Xbox Live, fighting the digital warfare in the realms of Call of Duty or Halo; 20 years ago, PC gamers were treated to the delights of escaping Castle Wolfenstein and taking on the Nazi regime in full first-person goodness for the first time.

Through the joys of modern browser technology you can procrastinate and time waste your way through the several different missions, and appreciate one of the most pivotal contributions to gaming of all time. No longer do you have to mess around with the horror of DOS to combat the Nazis, all you have to do is take just one click over to Bethesda's website where you can enjoy the full game to your heart's content. [Wolfenstein 3D via The Guardian]