Woman Printed Out Her Own Till Receipts to Cash in at M&S

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a clever idea from an enterprising fraudster. Kathleen Stepien bought items from one branch of Marks and Spencer, took them home, printed out a fake till receipt for a higher value, then got a refund at another branch.

Police began investigating the case after she tried to get a refund of £396 and panicked, snatching the receipt back from the shop worker and leaving the store. Cops tracked her down from CCTV footage and followed her after she made a further refund attempt, arresting her and finding four blank till rolls in her house along with a printer able to create convincing copies, which she had profited from on and off over a period of two years.

She's since been fined £2000 for her cutting-edge entrepreneurship. [Telegraph]