Woman Takes to Court to Find Out Who Made Her Lewd Phony Facebook Profile

By Jon Partridge on at

While it might be a little bit of fun and just a harmless prank between friends, at some point it all goes horribly wrong and someone gets hurt. But in this case, Nicola Brookes is determined to go to court to get the names of those responsible for this Facebook prank against her good name.

Almost like some kind of pseudo-21st century-post-modern-thriller, Nicola Brookes, a 45-year old woman, is taking Facebook to court in an attempt to find out the names of the trolls who created a fake Facebook profile of her. It all began innocently – where she left a comment of support on an X Factor singer’s page, but after that, she claims to have received a bunch of abusive messages and death threats from random strangers. Eventually, this then turned a dark corner as a fake profile was then set up in her name, and was used to send explicit messages to young girls. Definitely not cool.

If Facebook is made to comply with her demands, it would be one of the first cases of its kind, and would also lead to Brookes pressing charges against those behind the fake profile. It could also lead to a change in the way that people use Facebook, meaning no one could hide behind any anonymity if a court were forced to intervene. It looks like it could be scary times for the social network savvy among us, but also a breath of relief if any of us have received similar treatment. [Ubergizmo]

Image credit: west.m from flickr