Would You Buy Leica's Black-and-White M Monochrom Camera?

By Kat Hannaford on at

If you had £6,120 burning a hole in your savings account, that is. It's far from cheap, but does a camera that shoots only B&W photos interest you at all? Watch our lovingly-shot video that shows off the more polished details of the M Monochrom, and let us know if it gets your heart racing a little faster.

In case you missed Leica's crazy announcement the other week, the rangefinder-style mirrorless camera has an 18-megapixel, full-frame CCD sensor, with an ISO range up to 10,000, and a 2.5-inch display.

But why does it only shoot in monochrome? Leica believes that the dedicated B&W sensor allows the camera to pick up more light in photos, which as photographers know, is crucial to any photo.