Has Sony Ruined or Improved Google's Ice Cream Sandwich?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a video of someone having a good old play with Sony's lovely bigĀ Xperia S, only this time it's been updated to run on Google's "Ice Cream Sandwich" version of the OS.

As we've seen with Sony's range of Android mobiles over the years, it always makes a huge number of visual changes to Android and adds in stacks of its own features when updating the core OS. Obvious changes in this upgrade include the photo gallery, which is an entirely new, grid-based affair in Sony's version of ICS, plus it has rebranded the phone's music player, which now calls itself a WALKMAN.

It all looks very slick and nice indeed. We may have to go back to that review and add on another point or two. [YouTube via Ubergizmo]