You Can Turn This Aga On Just By Sending It a Text

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Aga is a British institution, but it isn't really known for keeping up with new-fangled technology. Normally they're hulking great things in ancient kitchens that everyone seems to adore. Now that's all about to change.

The new range of Agas include all sorts of mod cons. How would you like to switch the thing on with just a simple text message? You got it. The new £10,090 Aga iTotal Control, which is available from Friday, will let you turn it on or off by sending it a text message. That's not all, it's one of the new electric Agas, which are programmable to come to temperature when you actually need it -- a hell of a lot better than sitting there constantly burning oil like the traditional ones do.

It's got three ovens, which you can control independently -- one for roasting; one for baking, and one for simmering. If texting your oven feels a tad too strange, you can also use an iPhone or Android app to control the thing.

It's still massive, still looks like it's been born out of the Ark (apart from the hidden touchscreen, of course), but this is an Aga modern people can actually use -- if you can afford the £10,090 asking price that is. [Aga via Daily Mail]