You Know What Would Turn This Country Around? A SPACE PORT

By Gary Cutlack on at

That's the conclusion of a report put together by the Institute of Directors, which claims a working space port located in part of the UK could help boost our £8bn space industry and make us a world leader in the new space tourism industry.

The paper claims that existing military bases in Scotland could be successfully adapted for use in the sub-orbital space tourism sector, with RAF Lossiemouth getting a mention as our possible first space port location. A site within the Severn Estuary is also pulled out as our future space home, which would involve building an island in the estuary and... it's all getting way too exciting.

The idea is mainly based around boosting the space tourism sector, currently being pioneered by Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic fleet. The IoD says, optimistically: "Without the legacy of a stifling bureaucracy like NASA and the opportunity to create a regulatory framework of its own, the UK’s prospects are much brighter than commonly understood." [IoD [PDF] via This is London]

Image credit: Rockets from Shutterstock