Sky's New PAYG Streaming "Now TV" Service Will Pop In the Coming Two Months

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news for those looking to take their TV over-the-top and cut those pricy pay-TV subscriptions – Sky’s streaming pay as you go TV service, Now TV, is on track for the “first half of this year”, which should mean we’ll see it any time in the next month or so.

With both Netflix and LoveFilm battling it out for your streaming cash, plus all our free-to-air TV catch-up services, the UK is certainly hotting up to be the place for IPTV with Sky joining in too. I’m eager to see what Sky’s Now TV will bring to the table. I like the idea of being able to pay a small subscription to an individual program or having the flexibility to rent episodes on a PAYG basis all without a satellite dish. I’d like to grab a lot of the content Sky’s got, but I’m damned if I’ll give Murdoch any more of my money than I have to – he’s already raking in £1 billion a year. [Sky (pdf)]