Your Virgin Broadband Borked? You're Not the Only One

By Sam Gibbs on at

Seems like Virgin Media's been having some serious issues for the last four days, leaving some customers unable to pull down websites, essentially rendering their broadband connections useless tethers to the wall.

The trouble seems to be connected to some sort of network routing error that "may cause issues when accessing certain websites." According to the legions of Virgin Media forum complaints, it seems like "certain websites" is a bit of an understatement.

Right now it's meant to be "fixed", but judging by the number of posts to the contrary, it seems not everywhere is golden. Virgin wants you to use one of its proxies to get around the issue if you're still having trouble. Considering most people do the majority of their online activities on websites, not actually being able to get to them is a serious cock-up. 120Mbps of nothing is a still nothing. It should've meant that gamers, downloaders and streamers got a bit more bandwidth across the network though, with everyone else cut-off from the web -- silver linings I suppose.

Are any of you guys still suffering issues? Can you even see this if you are? Let's all huddle together in the warming glow of the "cannot connect" screen until it's truly fixed. [The Register]

Image credit: Engineer from Shutterstock