YouView Finally Arrives at Some 350 Lucky People's Homes

By Sam Gibbs on at

YouView was meant to actually launch before the Olympics, but there's very little chance of that now it seems. Mind you, at least the broadcasting partnership has managed to get a few boxes into homes at last, as the "alpha" trail is finally underway.

It's been three years in the making, but 350 homes now have a fancy new YouView box, including one of our lucky readers, who kindly provided us with these photos. If the test goes well, which I bloody hope it does seeing as it's taken so long now, a further roll out of thousands could be made in "as little as four weeks."

It sounded such a great idea back in 2010, but things have moved on a bit since then, so I really hope YouView has moved with the times. The boxes will apparently cost in the region of £200 when available, which sounds about right for an all singing, all dancing set-top box. Presumably it is all that, otherwise it's going to severely struggle against the consoles, smart TVs and other cheap set-top boxes we're all using these days to get our iPlayer fix. [FT]