Zeppelins Make Their Comeback as Exotic Lighting

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Whether or not the Hinderberg tragedy was to blame, blimps and zeppelins never really caught on as a popular form of travel. But as Italian designer Flaminio Bovino shows, they certainly make for a beautiful lighting accessory.

Looking exactly like a miniature dirigible docked at a mooring station, there's no mystery as to where the inspiration for Bovino's Zep Lamp came from. Made entirely by hand from burnished steel with brass accents, the lamp uses a tiny mockup of a German zeppelin as the diffuser for a set of low power LED bulbs.

Flaminio even hand crafted the spring which is used to perfectly counterweight the lamp's long arm allowing you to adjust it to any position. That in and of itself is amazing, so when he describes it as being available as a 'limited edition' you can safely assume that will be reflected in its exorbitant price tag.

Zeppelins Make Their Comeback as Exotic Lighting

[Flaminio Bovino via BoingBoing]