Zuck's Facebook Wedding Cost £5 Million

By Sam Biddle on at

When Mark "NASDAQ" Zuckerberg and his longtime belle Priscilla Chan got married earlier this month, we were surprised by how modest the billionaire bash was. It was in a back yard! Turns out, it still required major bank.

Luckily, despite losing a few paper billions since the IPO, Zuckerberg can afford things like hiring Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to sing at his own wedding, as reported by the NY Times. That probably ate up a decent chunk of the budget, but where did the rest go? The Times says Chan's dress was a mere £3,00, and the wedding dinner consisted of Mexican food and sushi. Was the sushi served off the naked bodies of the Winklevoss twins? How else do you drop so much money on such a small wedding? Given the mega-secrecy of the couple, we'll probably never know. [NYT]