£3,100 is So Not Enough Compensation for Feeding Your Family Used-Condom Tomatoes

By Jacob Lewis on at

A Brazilian housewife has been awarded £3,100 after she found a used condom in her tin of tomato paste. British firm Unilever was forced to pay up after the woman cooked a meal for her family using the tomatoes, only to find the condom in the tin after they'd all licked their plates clean.

Unilever claimed it was impossible for the condom to have snuck in the jar because it's factory process is completely mechanised, unless of course the machines were getting a bit frisky one night. As reported in the Metro, the woman told Brazil's Globo newspaper: "It was the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me. I think it will stay in my memory for a very long time."

If I had just fed my entire family condom tomatoes, I'd want a heck of a lot more than £3,100 in compensation -- people get more than that for eating a fish eyeball on I'm a Celebrity for goodness sake. [Metro]

Image credit: Tomato and condom from Shutterstock