A Bunch of Cheap Flash Drives or SD Cards Is Your Whole-Digital-Life-In-Your-Pocket Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Are you all in a tizzy, desperate to get yourself on some portable data storage, but bereft of ideas and funds? Not a problem, come this way, for we have got just the thing for you.

For today only, you can get 16 whole gigabytes of flash memory space, either on a USB or on a SDHC card. And howmuch can you expect to pay for such spatial luxury. No more than a fiver sir/madam (delete as appropriate). If you want to 'double up' and bag a 32GB memory stick, just double the price! Erm, and subtract a penny – yours for only £9.99.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- THQ 10 Games In One Boxset (PC) – yours for £14.86.
- Intel Core i5, 4GB Ram Toshiba Satellite laptop – only £399.99.
- Samsung 19-inch LED monitor – only £59.99 delivered.
- The Social Network (2-disc Blu-Ray) – yours for £4.95.
- Coraline 3D (Blu-ray) – only £6.95.
- Xbox 250GB console plus 12 months Xbox Live - all for only £159.99.
- Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (Xbox 360/PS3) – just £14.95.
- Samsung Galaxy S III, 300mins/unlimited text and 750MB data – yours for £26pm (24 months) and £50 for handset.

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