A Full HD TV For Just £65 Is Your Ultimate-Bargain-Basement-Second-TV Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

You don't get much for £65 these days do you? A decent pair of shoes, a couple of console games, enough chips to fill a small car (it used to be enough to fill a medium one). A full HD 1080p LED TV. Yeah, crap isn’t it?

Hold on a frickin' moment. A full HD 1080p LED TV? With built-in Freeview, remote control, input sockets and all of that other stuff? For only £65? Fo sho, mofo. Okay, so it's only a 22" model but it’d make an ideal second set for a bedroom, bathroom or in the garden, fixed on to the side of your shed. Once again, that's £65, with free delivery to a Tesco store of your choice.


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