A Whole Bunch of Cheap Games For PC and Android Is Your Summer-Rain-Coping-Mechanism Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Games! Games! Games! Games! James! Games! Games! Whoops, sorry about that rogue James that got slipped in there somehow. Essentially, today's bestest bargains are all game-flavoured.

First up comes a sale at Gamefly – masses of PC titles with significant portions of their RRPs chopped off and, presumably, burned. The list includes Batman Arkham City, Driver, Rift and LA Noire, all of which can be had for £4.99. Hell, some are even cheaper. If you prefer to play your games in an Android style, you should head over to the Google Play store, where they've reduced a raft of top titles to 69p to celebrate this, the longest day of the year. Screw days, you'll lose WEEKS to some of the games that are on offer. Clouds And Sheep Premium? Hell YEAH!


Today's Bonus Deals...

- Yamaha YHT196 AV receiver, 5.1 plus package system including speakers – only £169.
- Technika Freeview HD box (refurb) – just £19.99.
- Logitech G9X Call of Duty MW3 – only £34.99.
- Logitech G500 gaming mouse – just £32.99.
- 12 months Xbox Live and gold/black wireless controllers -- just £44.98.
- Mitre Malmo football – only 99p.
- 16-pack of Verbatim premium alkaline AAA batteries – yours for £1.48 delivered.

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