Amazon's Android Appstore Hitting Parts of Europe, Including the UK, "This Summer"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's alternate Android Appstore, which has been infuriating us with inaccessible US-only offers of free apps for the last year, is coming to Europe this summer. We welcome this extension of the Android ecosystem, especially if it means we get FREE STUFF.

Last week, Amazon was rumoured to be opening up its Appstore to developers outside of the US, so they could submit their localised versions for us lot to enjoy, and that's what has indeed just happened. The first countries to get their hands on Amazon's app and web store combo will be the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, with more regions coming soon after the "summer" launch in this first wave of countries.

The press release sees Amazon and its app partners singing the praises of its Kindle Fire tablet and how well it's done for everyone, but there's no specific mention of an actual release of the hardware alongside the Appstore over here. Perhaps Amazon's waiting to see what Google and Asus are cooking up before committing? [BusinessWire]