Amazon's Appstore Launching in Europe This Summer, Plus Kindle Fire Too?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours are suggesting that we might finally see Amazon's Android Appstore opened up for Euro use in the next month or two, with Amazon said to be ready to encourage app makers to submit their software in pounds, euros and whatever other kind of money's still floating around out there.

According to AllThingsD, Amazon has an announcement lined up for the next week or so, which will call for apps ready for an EU-wide Appstore launch. Which doesn't give us much clue about an actual arrival date for the service for us punters, as it could be weeks or months before it's populated enough to launch with the necessary bang.

Does this mean we'll finally see Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet arrive over here, once a big part of the selling-stuff infrastructure is in place? Given that the Kindle Fire launched late last year, it'd be a bit disappointing if Europe's encouraged to buy the same model the US was excited about last Christmas.

Things move fast in Android world, with Kindle Fire's spec looking rather outdated nowadays, so we'd really need an updated model if Amazon wants us to be excited about its locked-down, semi-Android tablet over here. [AllThingsD]