Anonymous Declares War On Japan

By Sam Gibbs on at

Japan has awoken the beast. Its tough new anti-piracy law has irked the hacking collective, which is now laying waste to government departments and political parties in classic Anonymous style.

Japan's beefed up anti-piracy law now means illegal file sharers face up to two years in the slammer and a £16,000 fine. Anonymous declared war on the Japanese government with OpJapan using its brand new Twitter account and a press release -- someone's obviously been talking to them about marketing and brand awareness.

The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, the Ministry of Finance, and the Supreme Court of Japan, among other Japanese sites, are all currently getting blasted with the LOIC. I doubt this'll have much of an impact on the law, but now Japan has caught Anonymous' eye, we could see more PSN-style hacking. [Twitter via The Register]