Anti-Terror Cops Blow Up Student's Broken Down Car as He Waited For the AA

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems the UK really is on high alert if the rozzers deemed it necessary to blow up an innocent student's broken down car parked outside Parliament. Nima Hosseini Razi, a business student at the University of Wales, came back to find a hole where his car had been.

The poor chap's Ford Mondeo broke down as he circled Parliament Square. Having managed to park it by the side of the road, he left a note on the dash saying he'd just called the AA and was waiting for it to be fixed up or towed out of there. Being in the centre of London, the AA had a tough time getting to him, so Razi decided to take a trip to Buckingham Palace to while away the time; it is the Jubilee after all.

When he got back he found the Met police picking through the wreckage of his busted car, after it'd carried out a controlled explosion. Apparently the parked Mondeo was seen as a terrorist attack risk. After having destroyed the car, the police later admitted that the incident was found to be "non-suspicious". To add insult to injury, Razi'd got a flaming parking ticket too. Ouch. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Car on fire from Shutterstock