Anything Google Glasses Can Do Sony Can Do Better, Maybe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony is joining Google in the race to make glasses sexy and do much more than just bring blurry objects into focus, with the Japanese tech giant filing a patent for an augmented reality specs system it describes as an "optical communications apparatus."

The possible future Sony specs support portable gaming and camera/communication tools, with the glasses sending out their own beams of LED light that could be used to read data, like QR codes, or communicate with other people mad enough to buy and wear such a system.

Other such uses for the specs include tapping the frame to initiate the taking of a photo, using the lens to frame the shot, or the inclusion of "biosensors" to create an overlay of health data, ideal for sporty people for whom purposefully getting out of breath is a hobby. [Patent Bolt via Techradar]