Apple Facing £1.5m Fine in Australia Over Misleading iPad 4G Connectivity Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Aussie competition watchdog is seeking to impose a fine of $2.25m on Apple over its awkward "4G" claims, which saw Apple fans buying the "4G" tablet despite the fact it couldn't connect to the Australian data network.

The actual amount of the fine is still debatable, with the final figure depending on the two sides reaching an agreement on the number of consumers who were genuinely mislead by Apple's 4G-laden iPad advertising. The judge in the case has asked for more details on the differences between 3G and 4G before ruling, so it might be adjourned for some time while the poor chap conducts some very, very heavy technical research.

In the UK, Apple has faced similar complaints over its 4G iPad marketing, with our own Advertising Standards people launching a similar investigation into the claims and Apple forced into editing its iPad sales pitch, although the ASA doesn't have the ability to fine those found to have misled buyers in ads. [SMH via]