Apple Gets Sued For Tracking Your Every Movement

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember when a couple of researchers uncovered that Apple was tracking your every move with that iPhone you have in your pocket? Well now it's going to have to deal with a full-blown lawsuit for the privilege of spying on you.

The legal ramifications of Apple's "mistake" have been rambling since April last year, but now a US District Judge has ruled that owners of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches can sue Apple. That basically means that the doors are wide open for anyone who thinks they're hard enough. In this case it's a lawsuit that was essentially dismissed from April last year.

Who knows how much money Apple is likely to have to pay out over this. Considering the mountain of cash Cupertino is sitting on, and the fact that the Judge essentially downgraded the case from a severe privacy invasion, I doubt this'll dent its bottom line much. It did track your every movement, and collected data on people's addresses, genders and ages without permission though. Even if it was a "mistake," I'd say that was a bit of a privacy invasion. [Reuters]

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