Apple Had an Official In-House "F**kchop" Staff Position

By Gary Cutlack on at

A long-time Apple employee had the honour of being abused by Steve Jobs in a rather amusing and graphic style, with the rude nickname eventually being approved for use on the chap's official Apple business cards.

The card belongs to Apple employee Andy Grignon, who, among other boasts, claims to have received the first ever call made from a prototype iPhone while working within the company's iPod team. Andy didn't recognise the number, so sent the momentous caller straight to voicemail. That's not the reason he was called a "fuckchop" by Steve Jobs, though, but is a good illustration of the sort of fuckchoppery Andy engaged in during his years with Apple.

Nice to know that as well as innovating in the tech world, Jobs also left us a decent legacy of original swearing. I shall certainly be using that one later today when the football is on the television. [Geeklist via TNW]