Apple Silently Killed Off the 17-Inch MacBook Pro

By Sam Gibbs on at

Masked by all the buzz around the new super thin Retina Display MacBook Pro, one of the workhorse Mac family got quietly snuffed out. The video producers favourite machine on the road, the 17-inch MacBook Pro, is sadly no more.

Talking to our video guys, the main reason for sporting the beastly desktop replacement was for the screen resolution. Fitting full HD 1080p video pixel-for-pixel on the laptop screen was absolutely invaluable. Of course, Apple's now provided that same ability and more with the Retina Display 15-incher, so does that make its bigger brother redundant?

Pretty much, yes, is the consensus. So while people may morn the massive display, and hoped the Apple would have maxed it out with a colossal Retina Display of its own, it looks like its target market is pretty much content with the 15-incher from now on; even if they'll have to squint a bit more.