Apple's New iPhone 5 Connector Could Be a Mini MagSafe With Data

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yesterday we heard that Apple's working up a smaller dock connector for the incoming iPhone 5, but rumour has it we might see something akin to a mini MagSafe, just like the MagSafe2 Apple shoved onto the new MacBook Pro and Air.

I don't know about you, but I love the MagSafe. Magnets are awesome, and certainly make it a lot easier to hook cables up -- I reckon every commonly used cable should have magnets to align and lock them in. Something that snaps into place on the bottom of your iPhone would be great; it'd save me fumbling about in the dark, struggling to get the damn dock cable the right way up and into my phone to charge it over night, that's for sure.

Not quite so awesome is the other snippet of information contained within Robert Scoble's rumour -- Apple's going to control what you can connect to your iPhone with chips to ensure only licenced cables will work. Right now Apple has a "Made for iPhone" licensing program, but you can still use products that don't bend a knee to Apple. If Apple bungs some sort of verification system into the new connector, all those hundreds of iPhone accessories are going to get pricier and much more restricted.

So while Apple could give with magnets, it could also take away with enforcement of its money-grubbing licensing scheme. Then again it could all be utter baloney, and Scoble could be way off the mark, but we have heard that rumour before. [Scoble via ZDnet]