Are Cheaper/Worse Nokia Windows Phones the Way to Compete With Android?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nokia's Stephen Elop has told reporters that cheaper Windows Phones are on the way, with the phone giant and Microsoft's engineers working on plans to battle the super-budget Android models. But do we really want cheaper, limited Windows Phones?

During his conference call with investors yesterday, Elop said the struggling Finnish tech maker was "absolutely" committed to creating lower priced smartphones powered by Microsoft's OS, adding that "We had plans already to go lower [in price] than the 610," which is the Lumia 610, Nokia's current most affordable WP handset.

Which sounds a little bit like an admission that Nokia's currently failing to compete with today's popular high-end smartphones from Apple, Samsung, HTC and the rest, so is looking to Microsoft subsidies to help pump out cheaper models to developing nations and the mighty populace of China, as a future rescue plan. [The Verge]