Asus and Google's Nexus Tablet to Ditch 3G Connectivity and go Wi-Fi Only Next Week?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports coming out of the usual supply chain world sources claim the forthcoming Google/Asus Nexus tablet will arrive without any form of mobile data option, meaning it'll be a house-bound Wi-Fi unit only.

DigiTimes says the Nexus tablet will arrive with a US price tag of $199 (around £126 before taxes) attached to it, and one of the key compromises in getting it down to that sort of money is the dropping of 3G radio support. The other key shuffle will see the tablet match the recent wave of super-budget Android tablets in losing the rear camera, with the Asus/Google tab only featuring a low-res front-facing camera for video chat use.

The widely reported Google tablet, which has already been benchmarked and shown to be running Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and Android 4.1, should be revealed next week at Google's I/O developer event, which starts on June 27th. [DigiTimes]