Babies Turn Mothers Into Facebook Addicts

By Sam Gibbs on at

You'd think that having a kid would make you spend more time in the real world with your new brood, but apparently not. According to new research, mothers actually spend much more time on Facebook after giving birth, and it's all linked with stress.

Stress and Facebook addiction seemingly go hand-in-hand, but the researchers couldn't tell whether Facebook was making new mums stressed or if stressed mothers turned to the 'book for support. I'm guessing constantly managing your Facebook profile and trying to get that perfect shot of your newborn is pretty stress inducing, but what do I know?

We've all seen the myriad of "here's my kid at X number of days old" pictures new mothers seem to litter Facebook with -- I hate to break it to them, but all babies pretty much look the same, and it's not really changing that much between day 10 and day 12.

Fathers didn't seem to be drawn in to the great Facebook addiction quite so much though, with the majority showing no increase in usage at all. If I had a kid I certainly wouldn't be posting a tonne of baby photos up there for everyone and their mums to see, then again I have a Y-chromosome, so maybe I'm just not affected by Facebaby syndrome. [Family Relations via The Telegraph]

Image credit: Baby computer from Shutterstock