Blue Galaxy S III Trickling into the UK, as Vodafone Starts Sending 'Em Out

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite supposedly launching at the end of May, Samsung's stock difficulties and the mega bank holiday weekend have come together to ruin the Galaxy S III's big moment, with stock of the blue version nowhere to be seen and the white model missing its launch day. However, the blue one is now landing on the doorsteps of excited men.

Vodafone has said it's now received stock of the 16GB version of the blue-tinted phone from Samsung, which should be arriving today for those who optimistically ordered it in May. The 32GB blue model's still missing, though, with Vodafone saying it's "continuing to work closely with Samsung to secure stock" of the blue S III with the larger onboard storage.

Vodafone would appear to have grabbed most of the stock from Samsung, as the blue version of the S III is not yet for sale at any of the usual SIM-free retailers. So if you absolutely must have the blue one now, before the excitement fades and it becomes just any other phone and we all start looking forward to the next Nexus or something weird from LG, better head off to Vodafone. [Vodafone -- Thanks, Darrell]