British LulzSec Hacker Cuffed For US Hack Attack

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the fall of the original LulzSec crew, 20-year-old Ryan Cleary was arrested for crimes he committed in the UK; he was apparently our very own LulzSec representative this side of the pond. Now he's been charged in the US too, and faces 25 years in jail for hacking the American X-Factor.

The funny thing is he's accused of much worse in the UK. Allegedly he hacked into the Serious Organised Crime Agency, plus other parts of British law enforcement, and a couple of British music sites too.

The Americans want him for hacking Sony Pictures, as well as Fox-powered US X-Factor. I'd be seriously gutted if I got locked up for hacking such a rubbish show. It seems Cleary's unlikely to be seeing the light of day for some time to come if both the UK and the US get their way. I wonder if you have to serve your time in both countries back-to-back, or just one mega sentence -- it's almost like parents fighting for custody of a kid. [BBC]

Image credit: Arrested from Shutterstock