British Trains Resort to Twitter to Try and Calm Irate Commuters

By Jacob Lewis on at

Commuting into London by train is stressful enough when the trains are working, so it's not surprising commuters go mad when their trains are delayed. And the only thing more angry that a delayed commuter is a delayed commuter with zero information.

Even if you can find a station guard, they never have the foggiest when your train will finally arrive, so Southwest Trains have turned to Twitter for breaking bad news, attempting to keep their customers up to date.

Considering the current state of our railways I'd say these Twitter accounts must be some of the busiest in the country, and I think they might break Twitter come the Olympics.

The BBC interviewed Allison Dunn who's in charge of social media at South West Trains. She's the woman who absorbs all the commuter bile and hate, sending back only love and advice. Apparently your insults get to her sometimes so tweet nice, even to the bastard rail companies. [BBC]

Image credit: Irate commuter from Shutterstock