BT and TalkTalk Will Roll Out Their Own YouView Boxes

By Sam Gibbs on at

YouView might have only just gotten into a few select homes, but it's starting to gather a little bit of steam. Both BT and TalkTalk will apparently sell their own branded YouView boxes, meaning YouView should get a big kick in the pants.

What YouView's proposing is that you'll get different content piped across the internet to your box depending on who your broadband provider is. Everyone will get a standard selection of content and channels, but BT and TalkTalk have to option of buying up more and funnelling it down to their customers.

Considering BT's just managed to bag 38 live Premiership games, you might see YouView boxes getting awesome exclusive content like that. Of course, BT has its own "Vision" boxes, and apparently they'll still be sold side-by-side with YouView, but you have to wonder whether BT Vision's days are numbered.

At any rate, getting the backing of two ISPs as part of their in-home content delivery solution should give YouView a real boost on launch, especially if the boxes are essentially given away free with a package. Let's just hope YouView turns out to be as "revolutionary" as the company boasts. [Recombu via TechRadar]