BT Says You Don't Need All Fibre, its Copper "Last Mile" is Good Enough to Stay

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sean Williams, BT's group strategy director, told a committee of MPs that there's no need to pursue enhanced fibre-to-the-premises connections in the UK, as the existing copper network and the cheaper fibre-to-the-cabinet option ought to be good enough for most users' needs.

Williams claimed there's "no business case to support " the installation of the much faster FTTP option, thanks to it costing five times as much to wire up and the fact that significantly faster connections are often limited by the speeds of users' equipment.

Williams also said that the current FTTC that delivers speeds of up to 80Mbps for some BT customers right now is "far from being at its limit" and that "far higher speeds" ought to be possible from the halfway house fibre option in future.

Pointing out that BT still routinely installs new copper around the country, he said: "Mass rollout of super-fast broadband is the work of the next decade, I suppose." [ZDNet]

Image credit: Broadband use from Shutterstock