BT's "FTTP on Demand" Brings Superfast 330Mbps Broadband to a Lucky Few

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT has announced plans to start testing its "FTTP on Demand" system in public, allowing users in a few key areas to request/beg the network to install the high-end fibre-to-the-premises wires right into their homes.

The FTTP on Demand system lets users already in relatively widespread fibre-to-the-cabinet areas request an upgrade to the fastest possible, all fibre connection, which should see their speeds hit an astonishing 330Mbps with luck and a very robust router.

Eight areas are set to be included in the new trial, with High Wycombe, Bristol South and St Agnes among the lucky first hotspots, along with Edinburgh’s Waverley exchange, which joins them in September. Watford, Cardiff, Basingstoke, and Manchester Central exchanges will join the trial in early 2013.

If all goes well, FTTP on Demand should become commercially available from the spring of 2013, which will mean access to 330Mbps speeds for anyone already in a BT fibre area. And more feelings of despair and exclusion for those who are not. [BT]