Chinese TV Network Hilariously Confuses a Fleshlight For a New Type of Mushroom

By Sam Gibbs on at

Some sneaky locals in China totally pulled the wool over the eyes of a Chinese TV network on Saturday. They managed to convince the young Xi’an Up Close reporter that they'd found an amazing new type of mushroom using a familiar-looking "meaty" piece of rubber.

One look at it and I'm sure you'll be able to work out precisely what it is, and it's certainly not a mushroom. How the hell that got thought the network's filters, I have no idea. Not only did the locals manage to convince the "very young and unwise" reporter that the fleshlight was a new type of fungus, but someone back at base must have watched it through before broadcast and thought, "yep, that's great". I just hope no body got fired for that moment of utter hilarity. [YouTube via Reddit via The Daily What]