Crazy Dutchman Turns a Stuffed Cat Into a Quadrocopter

By Sam Gibbs on at

Out of all the things you could strap four rotors to and make fly, a dead cat isn't the first thing that springs to mind, unless you're Bart Jansen that is. He's stretched his stuffed kitty over the frame of a flying drone to create the world's first remote-controlled flying cat.

It's apparently an "art" project called Orvillecopter, named after Orville Wright, the father of flight. It's being shown off in Amsterdam right now, but will move to the Museum of Modern Art in The Hague from June 15.

This has to be the weirdest quadrocopter project ever -- why on Earth you'd slap four rotors on your dead pet cat is beyond me. It's apparently gotten quite a reaction, with animal rights groups, unsurprisingly, none too happy about it. Something tells me you'd have to have spent some serious time in Amsterdam's brown cafes to appreciate this kind of "art". [TV2]

Thanks Bendik!