Crazy Woman Drives Through a Scottish Town With an Innocent Man Attached to Her Car Bonnet

By Sam Gibbs on at

I thought this kind of thing only happening in the movies, but apparently not. A woman used her car as a battering ram, collecting an innocent man who had to cling to her bonnet for dear life, as she attempted to get away from a shop security guard.

Suzanne Gilchrist carried the 22-year-old Stuart Morris right through the centre of Falkirk, with the whole escapade caught on CCTV for your horrified enjoyment. Apparently she was fleeing from a Howgate Shopping Centre security guard, who thought she'd stolen something from Boots -- hardly worth almost killing the poor chap over.

Morris just happened to be crossing the road as the speeding Corsa careened into him, collecting the poor chap on the car's bonnet. Morris struggled desperately to hold on as Gilchrist swerved from side to side to shake him off -- it's amazing he didn't end up going under the car in all honesty.

Gilchrist was sentenced to four years and three months for her part in Morris's dance with death. I think I'll be looking a little more carefully when I cross the road next -- who knows what kind of crazy person might try and run you down. [The Telegraph]

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