Crook Sells Potatoes as iPhones to Unsuspecting Britons

By Jacob Lewis on at

A sneaky con man has managed trick at least three people in Hull into buying a potato, or bottled water, when they thought they were getting a shiny new iPhone. The guy just puts a potato in an iPhone box and makes a quick exit before his mark opens the thing. The same trick has been pulled on the street at different locations, but police believe it's the same guy behind every fraud.

Sadly, the residents of Hull haven't learnt from the case of the American woman who bought a wooden 'iPad' for £110 in a McDonalds car park last year. At least in that case the thief was kind enough to go to the effort of painting the useless block of wood with an iPad design. I really hope this latest hoaxer drew an apple on each potato as some consolation to the ripped-off shoppers.

Sadly, Apple products are so popular that just the sight of a shiny box is enough for people's common sense to disappear -- it's that pesky reality distortion field at work again -- so the rozzers are keen to nab the guy before he rips off anyone else in Hull. [Hull and East Riding via Cult of Mac]

Image credit: Potato from Shutterstock