Custom Popeye Rolex Is £21,000 and Worth Every Penny

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If the cheap cartoon-themed watch you've been wearing since high school is drawing disapproving stares at the office, this collaboration between Dr. Romanelli and Bamford Watch Department provides a stylish alternative that still embraces just a touch of whimsy.

And even though this custom Rolex featuring Popeye — complete with his muscular arms pointing out the time — comes with a price tag of just under £21,000, it's shockingly already sold out. But if you can settle for another famous cartoon character from the armed forces, there's also a Beetle Bailey Rolex that's still in stock. And at around £16,000 it's slightly more affordable, though, only half as awesome.

Custom Popeye Rolex Is $32,000 and Worth Every Penny

[Dr. Romanelli via Slamxhype]