Data-Driven Website Visualises Nutritional Info, Bite by Bite

By Molly Oswaks on at

Fat or Fiction is an "infotographic" website that depicts the nutritional value of various British snack foods and beverages—cakes, candies, crisps, cheeses, chocolate, and alcoholic drinks—in bar-graph and pic-chart form, using the food (and drink) itself as visualisation representation of the data.

Created as a collaboration between designers Anna Brooks, Christina Winkless and David Paul Rosser, the site is equal parts useful and gorgeous, taking food photography to a whole new level.

Bonus points for it being British and including items like Wine Gums (Haribo gummy candies) and Skips ("prawn cocktail flavoured crisps," for the unfamiliar). [FatOrFiction via DesignTaxi]