Did a Local Council Close Down a Girl's School Lunches Blog So It Could Grab Headlines?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre and rather popular NeverSeconds blog, which featured photos of the school dinners served up to a Scottish schoolgirl each day, has been told to stop publishing photos due to pressure from the local council. Twitter's up in arms about this crushing of a brave young blogger's enthusiasm.

The site was run by nine-year-old student Martha, known on the blog as Veg, although some rather suspicious additional input from her "dad" used to pop up from time to time. And it's Dad who cleared up the news of the site's closure, claiming the school had been very helpful, but the decision to ban the kid from taking photos inside had come from council bosses higher up the processed food chain.

The BBC's tech expert Rory Cellan-Jones reckons the closure's a big publicity scam by Argyll & Bute council, although we're not sure what the idea would be behind getting even more people to see the abysmal lunch photos like the one above. Perhaps it would encourage more parents to get out of bed two minutes earlier to make their kids some sandwiches for lunch, thereby saving the council money?

Still, with over two million page views and a hefty contribution to local charity Mary's Meals, the site has done some good work, plus we got to see some of the processed misery food that's slopped up to our poor kids today, even after the high-profile efforts of Jamie Oliver's healthy dinners campaign. [Wired]