Divorce? There's an App For That

By Jacob Lewis on at

The government thinks it's found a way to streamline divorce, with an app. It's not clear whether the app will be just web-based or for mobile too, but either way, it sounds insane.

The government said it will be putting a colossal £15 million into the Divorce app project. If that sounds a lot of tax payers money to be wasting on some crummy app, don't worry -- the government claim it will actually save money from being spent helping parents fight each other via the Child Support Agency. It thinks that divorcing couples will follow their iPhones instructions to play nice and sort out their differences without the courts.

I'm pretty sure this app idea is just a PR distraction from the government's other recent announcements, because unless it's some hypno-angry bird game that turns divorcing parents into mindless love-zombies, I don't think it will help one bit. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Divorce from Shutterstock