Yoghurt That Makes Your Poo Look Like a Rainbow

By Jon Partridge on at

There's one way to see how ill you are, and that's doctors checking out your poop and running a bunch of tests on the lovely bit of excrement. But researchers have come up with a new way to tell if a person is ill, and that's by simply changing the colour of their poop.

Coming from the minds of British designers Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King, their project works a little bit like this: Chug down a drinkable yoghurt, wait for your next bowel movement, and hey presto, check what colour your poop is to see what kind of disease you have. Neat. But so far, scientists have so far only suggested that it can detect e.coli, but hope it could be used for other medical ailments including cancer and salmonella.

I'm really not sure how to feel about this. On one hand it's not the most pretty subject in the world, and well, it is poop. But then the medical benefits of this new E.Chromi yoghurt could help save both lives and time for GP's. Let's just hope it's made a reality and then in the future we can worry when our poop turns green. [Daily Mail]