Fake Clouds and Real Cows Bring the British Countryside to the Olympic Opening Ceremony

By Gary Cutlack on at

Director Danny Boyle has revealed his plans for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and for once it's not all bowler hats and red buses. We'll be seeing a fake Glastonbury, real cows, battling traditional and modern mosh pits and simulated rolling countryside welcoming the world to London 2012.

The models presented by Boyle look pretty amazing. At one point, the entire Olympic stadium will be filled with a grassy replica of our rolling countryside, with part of one field being ploughed, live and by a horse, above which will hover some pretend clouds. Boyle says one of the clouds will have "rain coming out of it" on the big day for extra geographical accuracy.

Animal rights enthusiasts aren't too keen about the farming-themed parts of the event, though, which will feature 70 sheep, 12 horses and three cows paraded through the stadium, alongside a collection of chickens and ducks.

The potential for things going wrong on an epic scale surely has to make this more of a must-watch show than any of the Olympic events themselves? [Independent]