Five Lucky Facebook Users Share £6m Compo Jackpot Over Privacy Invasion

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those random law suits people file against major corporations do occasionally pay off, it seems, with Facebook ordered to hand out a whopping £6m in compensation to a handful of users who complained about having their data improperly harvested.

The ruling comes after a class action case was taken out against the massive social network from a group of users upset about the way the site used their photos. The issue hinged around big companies using their faces to endorse their brands in ads, after the users in question had "liked" the brand on the site.

Facebook said it thought users clicking "like" meant they'd be happy to have their mugshots used to endorse the product, but the Californian judge ruled that was a step too far in taking liberties with our uploads, hence the huge settlement.

However, the complainants won't be joining Mark Zuckerberg in the expensive US eateries after the win, as the vast compensation sum is being paid entirely to charitable organisations. [Telegraph]